As a child, Noel Campion loved art but a lack of funds meant he never got to finish his degree course. As he got older art became something he associated with his youth — that is until he discovered the Apple app, Procreate, on his iPad.

It’s all down to the combination of that huge and impressively detailed display, at a massive resolution of 2048 x 2732 and another innovation, the new Apple Pencil. This isn’t just another stylus but a way to get into the details of apps for note taking, scribbling and even the fine lines of photoreal drawing.

That’s what Kilkenny man Noel Campion has been doing with his iPad Pro over the last few weeks, and the results have been pretty spectacular – thanks to that Apple Pencil.

Campion writes: “I was blown away by how realistic the pencil tool is. It feels like you are in direct contact with the pixels on the display, it mimics the texture you get when drawing on paper.”

With this new tool, and an inexpensive piece of software called Procreate, he first tackled a portrait of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and you can see for yourself that the available level of detail is incredible.


The software lets the user pick from different kinds of media and textures, and zoom right into make tiny changes. It can also save each and every line and stroke which can be played back to show how the whole creation came together – click here to see some of these videos.

The iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is an amazing resource for creative types and the power of this large screen tablet is also great for productivity, entertainment and enjoying your content no matter where you are.

Source: You will not believe what this Kilkenny artist can do on his iPad