iPhones & Facebook

Facebook is about to begin testing alternatives to its “Like” button and Irish users are to be among the first people in the world to have access to the new options.

Ireland are to one a small number of countries to get the ‘Like’ alternatives, as they have come to be known, first. Happy faces, sad faces, angry faces – what to make of it all. It’s creating a lot rumblings as people get so excited over the smallest thing that Facebook do. For me, it is only a small thing – a small advancement in the march of Facebook. The new text and emoji style icons include “Like”, “Love”, “HaHa”, “Wow”, “Yeah”, “Sad” and “Angry”. Does it really matter or will facebookers be up in arms that their beloved UX has been changed, updated and amended.

We all know that the smallest change in Facebook can lead to extraordinary polarisation among users with some loving the progress and some showing extreme disdain towards any changes that may upset the digital apple cart, so to speak.What do you think; nonsense or newsworthy? Actually that last sentence has me wondering should I have bothered highlighting and writing about the change at all.

Source: Ireland to get Facebook ‘like’ alternatives first