Source: Inside the Ford GT’s secret design bunker

“It’s not a gorgeous design studio. It’s not this wonderful place with windows and wonderful floors. It was uncomfortable. It was dark. When it rained, it flooded.” So says Chris Svensson, Ford’s Design Director for the Americas.

Here is a terrific article about the Ford’s Motor company and the secretive design HQ in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. Unlike the tech complanies design labs we see today (or don’t see I suppose!) this is a not a place with beanbags and flip flops! no food paid for here and technicians strolling around with the latest laptops, looking for a quiet place to ‘chill and code’. this place is old school. This is the place that one of the most fantastic supercars has was conceived and born. Welcome to the home, the birthplace if you will of the Ford GT. A car that has been drawn by every small boy since the first model came out in the mid sixties.

With only a handful of people involved and all operating to a mafia-like omerta, the entire project was veiled in secrecy behind closed and locked doors. Not constrained by the necessity for ‘golf club space’, such targets were not set. The engineers produced something very special. A car based on something from the past, but for the future. The totally gorgeous Ford GT arrived to great applause in 2015.