OK! I’m being a bit sensationalist with my headline!

I’ll grant you that, but there actually is a guy living in a truck on the Google campus in San Francisco. And I think its genius. The guy is twenty three years old single and working for one of the best companies in the world for looking after employees!

Food courts, barber shops, gymnasiums, swimming pools, all the creature comforts you probably don’t have at your workplace. All all provided free of charge to employees. A great starting salary and perks, perks and more perks. The quid pro quo? You work your ass off I guess.

When Brandon arrived in San Francisco, he was facing higher rent prices than he had ever encountered before. He also had student loans that he was anxious to clear. Solution? Buy a truck, live in the back of it and avail of all that Google has to offer. All whilst saving 90% of your income and getting stuck into repaying your college tuition fees. The accommodation is, what you might call sparse, with only a bed and dresser. He also has a clothes rack that he managed to cobble together.

The truck suits his needs and allows him to travel on the weekends whilst using the rear space as home during the week. All that Brandon really does is sleep there anyway so whats the problem? I said it earlier on in the piece and I’ll say it again. I think the guy is a genius and that is what Google want working for them, people of pure genius!

Clever? Too right it is!

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The Google campus in San Francisco.

“The main things that I have are a bed, a dresser, and I built a coat rack to hang up my clothes.”

Source: Google employee lives in a truck in the parking lot