To keep its decade-old social network lively, Facebook is introducing five big changes to user profiles, which are viewed 4 billion times per day: The..

Source: Facebook Starts Letting You Add A 7-Second Looping Video As A Profile Pic

This a pretty neat idea from Facebook were you can record a (really) short piece of video and then upload it to your profile picture so when someone checks out your profile, it actually ‘moves’ as such. If you combine this with a little bit of creativity like Mike Mellia did, you can get some really great results. This is the age of the selfie and video selfies are to become a thing now too. Thanks for the most part to ‘disruptive innovation‘ and the advances in technology almost anybody can now achieve this. Smartphones, in general at least and the newer ones, record video for you in full1080 HD with the latest models, some recording in 4k. Thats more than most networks and channel suppliers broadcast in and TV’s are not even broadcasting in 4K. For the first time, it now looks like the supply side (ie: video recording devices like cameras, dSLR’s and even some phones) has developed faster than the demand side (ie TV manufacturers and broadcasting organisations).

Its a fun thing to do on a wet Sunday afternoon when there is (literally) nothing else to do! This leads me to something else which is Facebook and video related. Who has or does use Facebook Video live? It’s something I am thinking of doing as random thoughts and small gems of business advice for your online life and business come to mind. Maybe Twitter should do something like the above video picture profile…would that save them from shareholders disappearing like rodents of a certain ship? Who knows but they need to try a something and try something fast or has Jack Dorsey got all the answers….

We shall have to see.