Alibaba Singles DayThe world’s biggest shopping day is happening right now, and you probably don’t even know it.

Alibaba Singles Day 2015 just became the biggest online shopping day in history

Chinese consumers spent almost £6bn on Alibaba’s internet shopping platforms by 11.49am, surpassing last year’s full-day record before lunch.

These numbers are just staggering….Alibaba invented ‘Singles Day’ in 2009. Just reading these sales figures and the distribution stats will blow your mind. Here are some of the stats just to help you along.

Personnel involved:1.7 million

Delivery Vehicles: 400,000

Warehouses: 5,000

Aircraft: 200

Products on sale: 6 million

Number of Merchants: 40,000

Spend: $1 Billion spent in 8 minutes | $3 Billion within 30 minutes | $5 Billion within 90 minutes | $9 Billion with 12 hours left

If you’ve got a product, launch it in China.

What a massive undertaking but obviously showing the numbers above, worth it for Jack Ma, the chairman of company.

Source: Alibaba’s Singles Day Blowout Racks Up $5B in Sales