Learn the 7 most powerful tips to take advantage of social media growth!

If you are under the misguided illusion that you or your business would not benefit from social media, think again. Social Media platforms have replaced TV in the same way that TV replaced radio back in the day. It is not uncommon for devices to be enabled on social media platforms whilst people watched (recorded) shows on TV.

The way we watch TV has changed and now we record programs or at the very least pause them, doing something else and then watch the show. This enables us to ‘fast forward’ the adverts. The age of advertising on TV has changed and in my opinion, people watch only live items on TV, such as live sports or news programs. The rest is dispatched to hard drives in TV boxes around the world for viewing at a later stage. If, like me, you record something and then try and find the time to watch it as time is the new premium, non financial, currency.

If you are late to the social media revolution and the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the plethora of other online platforms, the following seven tips for social media advancement might help you get ahead a little faster.

7 Powerful Tips For Social Media

Create content for sharing: The litmus test for your content is the interest others find in it and whether or not they find it interesting enough to share on their own timeline for the benefit of their friends. The idea is that you pass the ‘Reshare’ test. A sharing of your content is quite simply a recommendation from the sharer that the content is beneficial enough to be seen by others.

Be of value: Is the content you provide educational, informative or a combination of both for your audience? Infotainment and Edutainment are two words that are used in connection with content. So does your fit that idea? Is the content showing analysis, providing instruction or simply helpful?

Be bold with your content: Take a viewpoint and stick to it. Offer an opinion or take a stand on an issue. Those in agreement with you may share the content. This was evident throughout the devisive US election. You need to break eggs to make an omelette.

Be brief: As mentioned earlier, time is the newest and most precious item. We text instead of calling to save time. We email rather than having meetings (usually!!!). So be brief, the world is a fast moving place so make you point quickly. Use short headlines and get to the point fast!

Tell a story: People connect with people, people invariably buy from people. Put a human face on your story where possible.

Be visual: Use pictures, use video. Statistics maintain that 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2019. It currently stands at 64%! It is not necessary to have the latest and greatest video equipment. Smartphones make great videos and footage like this is less clinical and more real and people like this more.

Use UGC: Everything has an acronym these days and this is no different. User Generated Content  (or UGC) lends authenticity to your business. When customers talk about you (hopefully in a positive way) share it out. It feels real and relatable.

So there are seven ways to get you up to speed on social media. Work at it. Create and include it in your strategy plans for next year or even better the next quarter.


Source: 7 Powerful Tips for Social Media